Our employees are very experienced with the realisation of virtually any type of E&I installation and feel at home on a multitude of locations of many clients. Our project managers are therefore very aware of how important it is to implement and record progress reports, additional works, changes, inspections, etc. They act in many different environments for the clients, for main contractors and for subcontractors. Vageri knows how to deal with differing contractual positions, specifications and conditions.

Vageri knows precisely how to determine the critical path for every type of E&I installation. We are therefore able to optimise the installation itself, the installation method and – time. Our supervisors are used to work at unusual times and under differing circumstances. Be it a yard where a large platform is built in various parts and in a complex sequence, or be it on a ship or at a location where there the infrastructure is limited, both in the Netherlands or abroad, we can deal with it.