Draugen ALQ

Draugen ALQ

Early in the morning of Friday, September 20, 2013, a project built by Vageri, departed from Rotterdam to the Norwegian North Sea. The installation at sea has also been successfully completed. This time it was an extension of a crew residence (ALQ) for the Shell Draugen Platform.

Draugen is an oil platform from Norske shell that has been in production since 1993. Because Shell will have to carry out various expansion activities on the platform in the coming years, but also because people want to switch from two-person cabins to single cabins, this platform had to be extended to the existing Living Quarter. This is why Hertel in Rotterdam was commissioned in mid-2012 for the realization of an ALQ consisting of three floors with a total of 44 single cabins. Vageri was, from the very beginning, actively involved in both the engineering and construction of this project.

Because of the relatively short timeframe and the fact that the ALQ, and of course the installations in it, had to connect to an existing LQ, this was a challenging project in many areas. For example, there was very little space above the ceilings to build the various technical installations (sometimes only 40 cm!). While, of course, the various regulations for all installations had to be met (minimum distances, etc.).

Together with Hertel we are therefore very proud of this quality product that is built entirely according to the very latest regulations for the North Sea, provides a maximum of comfort for the residents and that the customer has installed a minimum of disruptions on their platform.

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