Edvard Grieg SRU, Siemens

Edvard Grieg SRU, Siemens

March 2014, Vageri completed the E&I activities for an SRU module for the Edvard Grieg project at the Mercon site in Gorinchem. Commissioned by Lundin Norway AS, Kvaerner is currently building the Edvard Grieg platform. This platform will eventually be placed in water of 109 m deep at about 180 km west of Stavanger in Norway. First Oil is expected in 2015.

In order to keep the tank pressurized during oil production, it is necessary to have 44,000 barrels of seawater injected into the reservoir every day. Before this injection, this seawater must first be filtered and the sulphate must be removed from it.

For the construction of the SRU units, Siemens (responsible for these units) placed the order with Mercon in Gorinchem. The challenge of this project was that these types of units are by definition very densely populated with equipment, piping, valves, instruments, etc. This in combination with a tight schedule and the usual late changes in the design meant that it was not always easy to find space and at the same time continue to comply with design and specifications.

But, we are again very proud to say that the customer (Siemens) has indicated to be very happy with the quality and the flexible arrangement of Vageri.

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