MARINE & OFFSHORE. The market where it all started for Vageri! In the eighties the company started building Ex proof electrical panels (Eexd, etc.). Following that we also started installing those panels on several platforms (with its connecting cables). At the end of the eighties we built our first major E&I installations. This was a Living Quarter Module for the Amoco Montrose Platform. One led to the other and since then we continued to expand our experience.

So, we are proud to be able to say that we have seen most of the different installations on the North Sea. And more than that! We have built and commissioned most types of installations. Whether it is a large Living Quarter Module, a complete production platform, a compression module, a switchgear building, a semi-submersible, a drilling rig or offshore ships, we have the experience. Besides that, we know the operators (oil companies), we know their operating philosophy, processes and specifications.