Vageri is an experienced, service minded supplier of high-quality electrical and instrumentation installations. Vageri helps clients in a fast, affordable and flexible manner. We put a large effort into thinking along with our clients and finding a solution for any possible problem, even before the client realizes the presence of that problem.


OUR TEAM. The management team consists of Paulo Oliveira (CEO) and Ronald van Nijf (Operational Manager).

The staff of Vageri is generally highly educated, experienced and involved in the work and loyal to the company. Vageri’s organization is “lean and mean”.

SAFETY FOR HUMANS AND THE ENVIROMENT. We constantly test our projects and working methods against local and branch-related regulations in the area of health, safety and the environment. Our systems and installations are developed, delivered and installed in such a way that the end user can work well within the environmental standards. Vageri is ISO 9001:2015 and VCA* certified, an additional guarantee for quality and safety during the entire process.